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Get to know Bosch Mixers, meet talented bakers, and learn more about Bosch Universal Plus attachments. Find all our latest news and posts down below, and leave a comment or two of what you’d like to see covered next!

Woman using a Bosch Universal Plus Mixer in a kitchen

The Baker’s Pack

The Bosch Mixer can easily handle large batches of heavy bread dough, and mixing delicate cake batter is a breeze.  The addition of the baker’s

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Ashlee Marie Photo

Ashlee Marie

If there were Bosch Star Hall of Fame then Ashlee Marie would be the number one inductee, the Rolling Stone of Bosch.  I should say

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Feeling Hungry? Check out these delicious eats!

Pumpkin Streusel Bread

This delicious recipe comes from Lori Vaughn, owner of Lo’s Kitchen Co. She is an extremely talented baker who specializes in gourmet bakes made simple. So

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Whole Wheat Bread

This delicious whole wheat bread recipe was created by the talented Heather, That Bread Lady. She has shared it for all of us to try!

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