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When you go to find the perfect stand mixer, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the variety of options available. Yet, even with many competitors out there, we are confident that your perfect mixer will be a Bosch mixer.

Bosch Mixers History of Excellence

Since the development of the Bosch mixer in 1952, Bosch mixers has had a history of excellence. From the beginning, this stand mixer was designed to make the endless chore of cooking and baking easier. Within four years of the Bosch mixer being on the market, it won awards for design and excellent functionality and became known as the best stand mixer for making loaves of bread.

This history of excellence doesn’t end with the first Bosch mixer. In fact, for many families, their Bosch mixer is an heirloom, which has been passed down from one generation to the next. Since great attention has been given to the Bosch mixer’s construction and various moving parts, our stand mixer is a workhorse that doesn’t stop working after a few years, unlike less well-made; stand mixers.

The Original Bosch Mixer
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Expect Top-Notch Performance from Bosch Mixers

Bakers and cooks can expect top-notch performance from the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer. The deep, 6.5-quart bowl allows for bulk baking and can yield 14 loaves of bread or 34 dozen cookies!

Powerful bottom drive motor

Other stand mixers mix from the top down, which can be less effective at combining ingredients. Bosch mixers come with bottom drive motors, which ensures that no dry patches of baking ingredients are left after mixing. The powerful motor can help you cut down on the amount of time you need to finish your mixing and kneading.

Easy-to-clean parts

To make cleaning up after using the Bosch mixer a breeze, the majority of the Bosch mixer parts can be placed inside your dishwasher to be cleaned. This easy cleaning also extends to many of the Bosch mixer attachments.

Low-mess splash guard

While an explosion of flour out of a mixer is funny in a sitcom, cleaning it up is a chore you wouldn’t in your kitchen. The splash guard all Bosch mixers comes with will keep your ingredients in the bowl where they belong. There are even two stages to the lid – a partial cover which allows you to continue to add ingredients and a small lid to cover the opening.

Small footprint for simple storage

Easy storage of kitchen appliances is important as counter space is usually needed for active cooking. The Bosch mixer has been designed to be a compact and powerful mixer which will not take unnecessary space on either your counter or in your cupboards.

Our Stand Mixers are Multi-Faceted Kitchen Tools

Most kitchen experts recommend against a single-use kitchen appliance. Luckily for you, the Bosch mixer is a multi-faceted kitchen tool, thanks to the variety of attachments you can add to it. Some of the most popular attachments which can help you eliminate other appliances from your kitchen are:

Be sure to check out the many other Bosch Universal Plus Mixer attachments you can add to your stand mixer to make sure you are using the mixer to its maximum potential.

Customers Love Their Bosch Mixers

Why us?

Because the Bosch mixer is the highest-quality stand mixer, and you deserve the best.