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10 Baking Substitutes Everyone Should Know

Have you ever gotten halfway through making cookies only to find out you are missing a main ingredient? We’ve all been there at one time or another.  Fortunately, the next time you’re in a similar sticky situation, you can reference these ten substitutes for common baking ingredients.

1. Substitute black beans for all-purpose flour.

Are you craving brownies or cookies, but you’re all out of flour? Substitute equal parts of all-purpose flour for pureed black beans for a high-protein, gluten-free alternative.

2. Replace eggs for banana or applesauce.

When you find out you have fewer eggs in the carton than expected, opt for a vegan substitute of half a mashed banana or ¼ cup applesauce.

3. Use applesauce instead of oil.

Applesauce is a versatile baking ingredient, as it can also be used in place of oil. Substitute equal parts applesauce for vegetable or canola oil. If you don’t have a jar of applesauce in the pantry, you could even try a mashed avocado instead.

4. Honey can be substituted for white sugar.

If you are trying to eat a bit healthier, honey is a great substitute for sugar in equal parts.t According to the health information website Healthline, it also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which can help fight germs.

5. Make your own brown sugar.

If your recipe calls for 1 cup brown sugar, try 1 cup white sugar + 2 tablespoon molasses instead. Simply mix the white sugar and molasses together in your Bosch blender attachment.

6. Use lemon juice instead of salt.

Don’t have any salt on hand? Switch out a ½ teaspoon of salt for ½ teaspoon of lemon juice the next time you’re in a pinch.

7. Substitute apple cider vinegar for lemon juice.

No lemon juice? You can easily substitute 1 teaspoon lemon juice for ½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar. No one will even know the difference!

8. Swap out sour cream for greek yogurt.

Calling all greek yogurt fans! Swap out sour cream for an equal amount of probiotic-packed greek yogurt in your favorite dressings and baked goods.

9. Make your own heavy cream.

Heavy cream is easily overlooked, but don’t let that stop you from baking to your heart’s content. Substitute 1 cup heavy cream for 3/4 cup milk + 1/3 cup butter. Just cream them together in your Bosch mixer!

10. Use flour instead of cornstarch.

Cornstarch is a common baking thickener, but it may not always be in your pantry when you need it. Use 2 tablespoons of all purpose flour as an alternative to 1 tablespoon of cornstarch.

With these baking substitutes, you’ll never be caught off guard again when you’re making your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe!

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