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Pink easter roll next to flower

Pink Dinner Rolls

Pink dough
pink eater roll dough
Pink easter roll on small plate

Looking for something a little more festive for your holiday meal?  Try out these beautiful easy dinner rolls. I’d like take credit for the idea but I have to admit the last time I was making dough my 7-yr old granddaughter wanted me to turn it blue. I wasn’t excited about the idea, I get freaked out thinking my teeth will turn blue, but I let her dye a little bit of dough. I was amazed after it was cooked how beautiful the bread was, so I thought I’d use it in my #boschbakingchallenge for creative rolls and Easter dinner. 

I’m sure we are not the first to think of this and I have purposefully avoided searching on Pinterest, so that I can continue to believe that we thought of it first. For Easter we made turquoise, pink, and pastel green rolls, but they were gone before I could snap a pic.  So a few days later I made them again to go with the leftover ham & bean soup, another Easter tradition. Again they disappeared but I did manage to take some pics.  For this batch we added 4-5 drops of red food coloring and 1 drop of yellow. Such a pretty dough!

This recipe is from a neighbor that I knew years ago.  Her name was Barbara, I think, and we lived in San Diego California at the time.  Maybe someone will recognize the recipe and we can give the full credit where it’s due.  It is a super simple recipe and delicious. The original recipe calls for it to be shaped into a knot and placed on a cookie sheet with space between the rolls. I’ve found you can make regular rolls in a pan, you may have to cook them for a little bit longer. To protect from browning too much you can tent them when they start to brown. 

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