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The Baker’s Pack

The Bosch Mixer can easily handle large batches of heavy bread dough, and mixing delicate cake batter is a breeze.  The addition of the baker’s pack will only amplify the quality of the mixer and make baking a joy. Now you can watch the mixing of your batter without having to stop the machine to scrape the bowl. 

The Baker’s Pack is arguably one of the most popular accessories for the Bosch Mixer with cookie and cake paddles designed to add just the right amount of air to delicate cake and cookie batters, and a bowl scraper that keeps those batters mixing in the bowl, not stuck to the side of the bowl. 

The Bakers Pack Includes:

  • Bowl Scraper
  • Cookie Paddles 
  • Cake Paddles and 
  • Metal Whip Drive 
  • 1-year warranty
  • Fits Bosch Universal and Universal Plus Mixers

The Bowl Scraper accessory is a perfect match for our Cookie Paddles! It scrapes the bowl while mixing, so there’s no need to stop and use a spatula. Paddles are dishwasher safe; Hand wash metal driver (metal may tarnish in the dishwasher)

Bowl Scraper

This accessory does the work while your mixer is running. It snaps onto the top of your metal or plastic whip drive along with the cookie paddle, whip, or batter whisk attachment. It scrapes both the inner post and sides of the bowl while the bowl turns. Great for bakers who are tired of having to turn off their mixer to scrape the bowl, this accessory does the work for you. Simply snap it on over the accessory currently in use and it will continuously scrape the bowl while the mixer runs. All other attachments sold separately.

The bowl scraper snaps directly onto the whip drive.  Be sure to carefully loosen the tabs on the underside of the bowl scraper to loosen it from the whip drive.  


The bowl scraper includes two sets of scraping blades.  One blade fits into the larger hole and the other blade fits into the smaller hole. 

Cookie Paddles

Designed for light to medium batters and cookie doughs. Use with the metal whip drive.

Be sure to use softened room temperature butter in your batters. For stiff cookie doughs or when adding multiple heavy ingredients such as fruit, nuts, and candy, switch to the dough hook after creaming the butter. For very large batches of cookies (15+ dozen), switch to the dough hook before adding flour. 

Cake Paddles

Designed with fewer tines than wire whips to thoroughly mix pourable batters or light mixtures without incorporating too much air. Ideal for cakes, quick bread, muffins, and pancakes, which can become tough and chewy if over mixed. Fits Bosch Universal & Universal Plus Mixer. Use with your Cakes, Muffins, Frosting, & Pourable Batters.  Use with the metal whip drive.

Underside of the metal whip driver

This metal whip drive attaches to the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer as well as the old Bosch Universal Mixers. This can be used with Cookie Paddles, Batter Whisks, and Wire Whips.

Using the proper paddles and bowl scraper will take your baking skills to the next level.

5 thoughts on “The Baker’s Pack”

  1. I have a Bosch mixer. I had used a KAide in the past. There is no comparison! I have also converted most of my baking friends to Bosch. The results speak for themselves!!

  2. Vincent Stuestøl

    Hi madam/sir, we are looking to buy this package. When is it back in stock and is it possible to get it shipped to Norway

    Regards Vincent Stuestøl

  3. I would also like to know when the Baker’s Package is back in stock. I am a baker and would like to purchase both a new machine and the Baker’s package together.

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