Pumpkin Hummus

Just about everyone can enjoy a delicious pumpkin hummus dip as a side at a dinner event or just to enjoy at home. With a Bosch mixer, you can tackle this refreshing dip easily.



Recipe Instructions

EQUIPMENT   RECIPE INSTRUCTIONS Using the Bosch Universal food processor attachment with the grating disc in place, add all your ingredients to the processor. Pause the blending occasionally to scrape down the sides of the processor to ensure everything is evenly blended. If you would like to ensure all your ingredients are homemade, you can follow this pumpkin puree recipe. Once your hummus is smooth, remove it from the processor and place in a serving bowl then drizzle 1 tbsp of olive oil over your pumpkin hummus. To garnish, dust your hummus lightly with chili powder. And it’s really that easy to make pumpkin hummus from scratch with a little help from the Bosch Universal Plus stand mixer.

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