French Bread Recipe


    French Bread

  • 4 C warm water
  • 6 Tbsp sugar
  • 4 Tbsp instant yeast
  • 1 C vegetable or canola oil
  • 2Tbsp salt
  • 10-12 C flour (unbleached white or fresh whole wheat)

Recipe Instructions

  1. Add first three ingredients to Bosch bowl (warm water, sugar, instant yeast) and let stand for 2-3 minutes to proof the yeast.
  2. Add the following ingredients (oil, salt, gluten, flour) to the Bosch bowl and knead with the dough hook for 8-10 minutes. (Start with 10 cups flour and add ½ cup more at a time until you have a tacky but not sticky dough.)
  3. After kneading for 8-10 minutes let the dough rise in the bowl for about 10 minutes then punch down with hands or by simply running the dough hook around a couple times.
  4. Repeat this step an additional 4-5 rounds then divide the dough into 3 or 4 loaf pans.
  5. Cut the tops of each loaf diagonally with a sharp knife then brush the dough lightly with egg wash. Leave to rise until size doubles then bake in a 400F oven for approximately 30 minutes.

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