Why Your Bread Dough Isn’t Rising

Is there anything as delicious as homemade bread? The smell of it, the warmth and comfort of it, the way it tastes fresh out of the oven with a pat of butter…it is enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

But what happens when your dough just won’t rise? It can be frustrating for new bread makers (or those trying new recipes) when the dough refuses to behave. Don’t stress and don’t give up, we have the answers for you!

Here are a few reasons your bread dough might not be rising to the occasion.

Problems With The Yeast

Yeast can be incredibly fickle. The ratio of yeast to your batch size is important, the bigger the batch the more yeast you will need. Yeast has to be kept in a certain environment to keep it from overgrowing or dying. We suggest keeping it in the freezer for optimal life span and freshness. It also has to be properly prepared, as some strains require different forms of handling than others.

If your bread isn’t rising there is a chance there is something wrong with your yeast supply. Make sure the yeast you are using is fresh, hasn’t been sitting for years in the back of your cupboard and doesn’t have an odd smell (yeast has a specific smell we all recognize, and we either love it or hate it).

To prevent problems with your yeast, we highly recommend using SAF brand yeast. SAF yeast is easy to use and almost fail proof. You don’t have to activate it in water before using, and you can just add it to the rest of your dry ingredients.

The Room Isn’t Warm Enough

Since you have to leave your dough to rise on the counter you should make sure the room you are in isn’t too cold. If it is too cold the yeast can deactivate which is going to guarantee that your loaf doesn’t properly cook, much less your dough rise to prepare it.

If you have a cold kitchen you can turn on your oven for a couple of minutes on 200 degrees (or your lowest temp) fahrenheit, then turn it off and let the oven sit for 10 minutes with the door closed. You can leave the dough in the oven to rise once the temp has dropped. You can even set your covered dough on the porch in the sunshine, on top of a running laundry dryer, or in the bathroom after a hot shower has been taken.

You Aren’t Kneading The Bread Enough

The most common problem with dough not rising is not enough kneading. Since kneading is a bit of a tedious activity,people will often think they are doing it longer than they really are. Some recipes even recommend kneading for three to five minutes, which isn’t nearly enough. You need to knead for around ten minutes to get the dough to rise to its optimal level.

If kneading dough by hand for 10 minutes at a time is difficult for you, (the thought of it makes us tired) the Bosch mixer is a great solution to this problem. With its strong 800 watt motor and hand-like dough hook, you can trust the Bosch mixer to fully incorporate every ingredient in your dough. The hook is ideal for stretching, kneading, and mixing the dough, mimicking hand kneading. You can put it on a low setting and allow the Bosch to do all the kneading for you. For batches of bread dough or cookies of all sizes, consider the Bosch Universal Stand Mixer. With it’s 6.5 quart bowl, you can dependably mix up to 14 pounds of dough, 4 dozen cookies or a small batch on those days you don’t need to feed an army.

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