The Ultimate Kitchen Machine: Bosch Universal Mixer + Accessories

The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer is truly the ultimate kitchen machine. Yes, Bosch has a world-renowned reputation for its quality across a wide range of appliances since 1952, but it’s much more than that. The Bosch stand mixer is a top-of-the-line mixer for all your kitchen needs – not just baking! Faithful users brag about the staying power of these mixers along with their durability and dependability, sometimes using them for 20 to 30 years! Another reason the Bosch mixer is one of the best mixers available on the market today is its versatility. It comes with numerous attachments to do just about everything you need in the kitchen, from mixing, pasta making, slicing, shredding, churning ice cream, and much more.

It Starts With The Bosch Mixer

The 800-watt power allows you to mix even the stiffest batter without burning out the mixer engine. The huge, 6.5-quart bowl lets you make double and even triple batches to feed the largest crowd — up to 14 pounds of dough. With the splash ring, you can easily add dry or wet ingredients without making a mess or ruining your recipe because of a spill. A pulse setting and four additional speeds give you plenty of options for mixing power.

The dough hook and dough-hook extender help you make bread dough like a professional. The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer also comes with a metal-whip drive, cookie and cake paddles to make your baking work a breeze. The large slicer-shredder will let you shred cheese, veggies or meat for almost any size group, making short work of what could be a time-consuming process if you tried to do it by hand or if you used another machine. You can even add on the ice-cream maker option, serving up delectable, cool treats for your family in a fraction of the time that traditional machines would take.

If you need recipe ideas or help with organization, we have you covered as well. The Homemade Matters Cookbook and the Cook’n CD recipe organizer will help you find delectable new recipes and help you keep track of all your favorites. We also have a FREE cookbook you can download online. (I would like this to link to a Splash page where we can give away a free cookbook).

Food-and-Meat Grinder: A Separate Option

Do you want to know what’s going into your hamburger meat, or how fresh your meatballs really are? Have you ever thought about grinding your own meat at home? Maybe you think it would be difficult, or take too long. With the Bosch Mixer Food and Meat Grinder, making lean, fresh ground meat, and homemade sausages is simple and fast to do.

This attachment comes with an adapter leg, a sausage stuffer, a 4-bladed knife, a 4mm disc and a 8mm disc. It also has a one-year warranty (although it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever need it). You can purchase the Food and Meat Grinder by clicking HERE!

Let’s say you just made some fresh Italian meatballs your Food and Meat Grinder, now what? How about some homemade pasta?

Home Made Pasta

Nothing tastes better than homemade pasta. The problem with making homemade pasta is not only is it time consuming, but pasta dough is an extremely firm dough that will make your hands hurt in a matter of minutes. That problem is now solved with the Bosch mixer. Nothing makes it easier to enjoy homemade pasta than the pasta maker attachment. The pasta maker attachment comes with a pasta roller, fettuccine cutter, and an angel hair cutter. You’re life just got a little better and your family will love you even more because they will get to experience the most delicious and savory pasta created by you (and you didn’t even have to be Italian to do it). To purchase your pasta maker attachment, CLICK HERE!

Now that dinner is over, wouldn’t it be nice to end it with some homemade ice cream?

Bosch Ice Cream Maker Attachment

Every good meal ends with dessert. You really can make a full course meal with the Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer. With our newest attachment, you and your family can now enjoy homemade ice cream anytime you want. It’s so very easy to use and there is no need to pre-freeze a canister or wait 24 hours in between batches. You can make multiple batches, one after another. This attachment makes ice cream in just 20 minutes, so no one has to wait too long for dessert! To get your ice cream maker attachment, just CLICK HERE!

The Next Level – The Mixer-and-Grain Mill Combo

If you want to take your baking to the next level, then you should consider milling your own flour using a NutriMill Grain Mill. Our patented Whisper Quiet™ technology means that you’ll never disturb other family members with a loud motor roaring from the kitchen. But don’t let the quiet work of this powerhouse fool you. The 1,200 watt, 2-speed motor offers plenty of power to grind and mix the most stubborn grains. The 16-cup hopper capacity and 24-cup bowl capacity ensures that you will have more than enough room for all your mixing and milling needs. Some of our grain mills also include a flour bagger accessory so that you can safely store your grains until you are ready to use them. To see what kind of grain mill would work best for you, CLICK HERE!


With the Bosch Universal Machine, its many attachments, and a grain mill from NutriMill, you can easily eliminate many of your kitchen appliances that are taking up space and are hardly used. And just to make it even better for you, we include free shipping on all orders over $50 so that you don’t need to worry about paying extra fees. See for yourself what all the fuss is about and try the best universal mixer on the market! If homemade matters to you, then Bosch matters to you! Click here to learn more.

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