The Full Scoop On Bosch’s Ice Cream Maker Attachment

Here at Bosch, we want to make homemade baking and cooking more accessible. That’s why we offer an array of attachments which work with our premier Bosch Universal Plus Mixer.

One of our most popular attachments when it comes to this mixer is our ice cream maker attachment – bringing ice cream prep time down from 5 hours using traditional methods to just 20 minutes in the attachment.

The Bosch ice cream maker attachment is an excellent addition for anyone who owns a Bosch Universal Plus stand mixer. The basic features of the ice cream maker attachment are:

  • Low cost ($59)
  • Large capacity (1.5 quarts of ice cream)
  • Long term freezer storage using the same mixing container

It will only work with the Universal mixer, so if you have an older Bosch stand mixer model, then the ice cream attachment might not be compatible. You can always speak with a customer service rep if you have any concerns.

How It Works

Whipping up a delicious batch of ice cream in the Bosch ice cream maker attachment is quick and easy.

  1. Add ingredients to the ice cream mixing bowl in the order directed by your recipe.
  2. Attach the ice cream maker bowl inside of the primary Bosch mixer bowl.
  3. Layer rock salt and ice around the outside of the ice cream mixing bowl.
  4. Place the lid on your ice cream maker and start mixing. You may be instructed to add ingredients as the ice cream blends depending on your recipe.
  5. Churn for 20 minutes.

And voila, you have delicious ice cream! You can eat it right out of the ice cream maker bowl and enjoy the ice cream soft-serve or place it in your freezer to thicken it. Even better, you don’t have to stop with just one batch of ice cream. You can easily move your batch of homemade ice cream into a container, store it, and immediately make your next batch of ice cream.

Common Questions

Will the ice and rock salt damage either the plastic bowl or the ice cream maker bowl?

  • Answer – No, due to the non-porous polycarbonate structure of our plastic mixing bowls, they can withstand vigorous use. If you are still concerned, you can purchase our stainless steel mixing bowl attachment.

How do I clean my mixer when I’m done?

  • Answer – Pour the ice and rock salt into your sink. Rinse the ice cream maker, then place a majority of the components directly into your dishwasher for easy cleanup. Read our comprehensive cleaning guide for a list of specific dishwasher-safe and handwash-only components.

Does the ice cream ever get hard enough to break the testing paddle?

  • Answer – No, the ice cream maker churns the ice cream to a soft-serve consistency. You can place it in the freezer for firmer ice cream if you prefer.

Are you sure I can’t use the Bosch ice cream maker attachment with my older Bosch stand mixer?

  • Answer – While we love that you have a beloved older Bosch mixer, the ice cream maker attachment only works with the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer.

Choose The Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer Over Others

Now, you could make homemade ice cream with a basic ice cream mixer. However, choosing to add an ice cream mixer attachment to your Bosch mixer makes more sense.

  • By owning a Bosch mixer, you can have access to a wide variety of accessories other than just the ice cream maker attachment to make your baking and cooking easier.
  • Instead of taking up valuable counter and cabinet space with a single-use appliance, store one small attachable ice cream mixing bowl to the cupboard to capitalize on the expansive utility of your Bosch mixer.
  • Equivalent quality ice cream makers are more expensive than adding the Bosch ice cream maker attachment to your home. Also, if you choose to purchase the Bosch Universal Plus ice cream maker package, you can save even more money!

Try Our Delicious Ice Cream Recipes

You can take basically any ice cream recipe you find online and easily adapt it to use the Bosch ice cream maker attachment. Or, be sure to try one of our favorite ice cream recipes!

Chocolate Ice Cream

For those who love the classic ice cream flavors, this creamy chocolate ice cream is what you should try making first.

S’mores Ice Cream

If you are looking for a tasty treat which will bring to mind warm summer nights, then this s’mores ice cream is for you.

Raspberry Sherbet

A light and tartly refreshing raspberry sherbet, this frozen treat is sure to be a hit. For the lactose-intolerant, you can swap the whole milk for soy or almond milk.


If you love our ice cream recipes as much as we do, make sure you share them with your friends!

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