Opening the Box

You’ve purchase a new Bosch Mixer, received your tracking notice, and are anxiously awaiting for delivery.  Congratulations, and welcome to the family.

Now let’s talk about what you will find in the box.  Your new mixer will arrive packed securely inside a plain brown box as pictured below.  You will see a Bosch label on the outside of the box. Carefully cut the tape and you’ll find another branded box inside with a beautiful cookbook/quick start guide on top. 

Original FD Seal

Every box will have an Original FD Sticker, sealing the box. Let’s talk about the status of the seal.  

The Bosch Mixer is shipped from Slovenia.  The basic Bosch mixer package is sealed at the factory and shipped to us in the United States.  

When you order the basic package from Bosch Mixers the seal will be intact.  If you have ordered a package deal with an accessory, such as the Baker’s pack, the seal will be broken and the accessory will be carefully packed inside the box with your mixer.  (There will be a sticker on the box stating that the seal was broken to add the accessory).


Opening the box

Upon opening the box you will see the top of  your new mixer stabilized by cardboard.  You can see from these pictures how spacious the box is, providing room for additional attachments.  

To the side of the bowl you’ll find a nice spatula/scraper, just hanging out waiting to be noticed. 

It’s no accident that the shape of the spatula matches the curve of the bowl perfectly.  

TIP: Removing the mixer from the box

1. The Bosch Mixer comes completely assembled in the box to secure it and avoid damage.  To easily remove your mixer, grasp the bowl firmly with both hands and twist it clockwise gently to unlock it from the base. 

2. Once the bowl is unlocked from the base, remove it from the box and set it aside.  The cardboard insert will now pop right out, leaving only the base of the mixer inside.

3. The base is held securely in styrofoam.  The chord is completely extended with a twist tie keeping it tidy.  At this point you can remove the base of the Bosch mixer from the box. 

You should now have something that looks like this sitting on your counter.   The mixer base, bowl, and spatula, along with an assortment of printed materials.

Unpacking the Bowl

Remove the plastic and Styrafoam from the lid.  

You’ll find the wire whips and plastic whip drive wrapped in paper and packed inside the bowl. 

The dough hook is in place on the center column. 

FDA Food Grade Lubricant

If you are very astute you may notice a white creamy substance on the center column spur gear when you remove the dough hook.  This is a food grade lubricant applied while packing the mixer in the factory. It is completely safe and edible, although not very tasty.

(The Bosch Engineers are insistent that the lubricant is necessary and you just don’t argue with a Bosch Engineer)!

The lubricant washes off easily and won’t bother you ever again.  

You may, or may not have some black marks where the dough hook has rubbed agains the lubricant.  These marks will also wash away. 


There are a few stickers on the machine, conveniently in two languages.  Read them, take note, then feel free to remove them. 

Unless you really like them, then keep them on for years, and years, and years.  I’m kidding of course, but seriously take them off. 

Cook Book/User Guide

We’ve included a beautiful cookbook, full of great recipes, a getting started guide, and tips.

A Few Extras

The Literature includes the cookbook, instruction manual, accessory brochure, and usage guidelines. 

You’ll find the official Bosch Universal Plus Instruction manual inside the box.  Luckily this one is in many, many languages! Feel free to read through all of them.  

The instruction manual includes instructions, trouble-shooting and explains the built-in safety features.  Keep it handy until you know your mixer inside and out.  

Now that you’ve gotten your Bosch unpacked it’s time to take if for a spin.  Be sure to watch this getting started video for a little more information.

Warranty & Bosch Kitchen Giveaway

You will find several places on the packaging urging you to register your mixer. You no longer need to do this. All you need for warranty purposes is your receipt. No need to register the product.  You can however register to win the Bosch Kitchen (refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher). Click on the link below too register. 


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