Must-Have Bosch Mixer Attachments For Better Eating

In the realm of clean and healthy eating there usually involves a good deal of work on the consumers part. Work and time….or a large amount of money spent buying products already prepared when you could do the same thing for free at home. Bosch offers an array of user-friendly attachments for the Bosch Universal Mixer that will help you save money and time when it comes to trying to eat healthier.

The Universal Slicer Shredder

This attachment comes with 3 discs. One for coarse or fine shredding, a second for thick and thin slicing and the third for french fry cuts. If you’re into food prepping this will save you so much time! Use it to slice snacks for the week; apples, bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers. Grab a pan and throw a load of various sliced vegetables to roast in the oven. Instead of spending too much time with a knife and cutting board let your slicer shredder attachment do all the work for you.The Slicer Shredder attachment cuts perfectly uniform pieces when using the slicer. Any amount of veggie prep for your meals or freezer can be done in a fraction of the time.

The Universal Plus Complete Blender

Everyone loves a good smoothie, keyword good! Making your own smoothies saves loads of money and you know exactly what is in them. This blender is powered by the 800-watt motor or your mixer stand making it strong enough for any task. Whether you’re into protein smoothies, frozen fruit, added vegetables, really cold and icy, the Universal Plus Complete Blender can do it all. And with a 6 cup capacity, there will be plenty to go around. You can even start making your own nut butter by throwing in some peanuts or almonds and blending into the smooth and creamy healthy treat we all love.

The Universal Meat Grinder

Buy organic, grass-fed meats in bulk and use the Universal Meat Grinder to grind your own meats for immediate use or freeze for future use. Use your ground meat for sausages with the sausage stuffer attachment. The grinder can also be used for bread crumbs, firm cheeses and vegetables and dried fruits. Add the pastry or pasta press and have fresh cut cookies and noodles without preservatives or other unnatural ingredients.

Pasta Set for Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

The pasta roller attachment makes it easy to enjoy fresh pasta. You’ll take pride in making your own noodles and have a healthier dish. Use whole grain ingredients and skip the preservatives to feed your body only the good stuff and kick it up by adding herbs. Use the pasta roller to also make homemade crackers for the kids and fondants for your baked goods.

Enjoy Healthier Cooking At Home

Families can enjoy healthier foods when the bulk of the preparations are done in your own home. Cut out unnecessary hormones and preservatives. Go straight for the whole wheat flour and know how you foods are prepared from beginning to end. Save space with the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer. It’s compact and lightweight design fits easily under cabinets, on top of counters, and in pantry spaces. Move it easily and clean it easily as well. You can rely on your Bosch for years to come for everyday use. Learn more about Bosch mixers, different stand mixer styles available and attachments here.

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