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Mouthwatering Cookie Recipes From Your Favorite Baking Bloggers

Bosch is back with another round of blogger interviews, bringing you the best and most delicious cookie recipes from some of the top bakers on the web. All of these mouthwatering recipes are easy to whip up in your Bosch mixer where you can mix up to 30+ dozen cookies at a time. Don’t believe us!? Watch this video!

While many of us have our go-to cookie recipes, sometimes it’s nice to mix up a fresh surprise. But like many of you have probably found, quite a few cookie recipes don’t live up to the hype surrounding them. That’s why we were careful to reach out to only baking bloggers with a history of turning out quality recipes.

Each of our baking blogging partners shared why their recipe is the best cookie recipe out there and what makes their cookies so unique. So, if you are tired of the same old thing, then keep on reading and see if you can’t find your new favorite cookie recipe.

Nellie – Butter With A Side Of Bread

Nellie - Butter with a Side of Bread - Bosch Cookie Recipe InterviewNellie is one of the two talented ladies who make up the tasty site Butter With A Side Of Bread. She is a busy mom of 4 children and lives in Tacoma, Washington. She loves to bake (mostly cookies!) and has been sharing her creations at Butter With a Side of Bread for 5 years. She loves to spend time with her family, travel and is an avid reader – usually reads a book a day!    

Nellie’s contribution to this delicious interview is a cookie recipe which is in high demand — her ultra-special peanut butter chocolate chip cookies! This delectable recipe is her go-to cookie recipe.

“The cookies are always the perfect texture and consistency and they are just so simple to make.” Bosch cookie interview - peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Too often, peanut butter cookies are dry and crumbly. While some may not mind the crumbling texture, Nellie was not one of those people. She wanted to find a peanut butter cookie recipe that would create a soft and moist cookie, but when she couldn’t do that, she decided to develop one for herself!

She says “the dough is just as phenomenal as the baked cookies!”

“I bake this cookie for potlucks, after-school snacks, neighbor gifts, family dinners and everything in between. Nearly every time I ask my kids what treat they want me to make, this is the one that they pick.” 

Kim – The Baking ChocolaTess

Kim Lange - Bosch Cookies Recipe Interview

Kim is a self-taught baker, recipe developer, and photographer from the mid-west, who loves home-baking simple healthy to outrageous desserts, with a modern take on nostalgic indulgent sweets and everything in between. Surprise, she’s cookie, brownie, and chocolate obsessed too! As the driving force behind The Baking ChocolaTess, she keeps up a steady stream of her own delightful desserts.

With her deep love of all things chocolate, Kim was happy to contribute her perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

“These perfect cookies are buttery, chewy, thick and chocked-full of rich, semi-sweet chocolate chips. Perfectly soft on the inside, golden and a little bit crispy just on the outer edge.”

Bosch Interview - perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe

Kim tends to make these rich cookies at least once a week and offers a few allergen-friendly alternatives to the recipe.

“Switch out the butter for grass-fed butter or chocolate chips for dairy-free chocolate chips.”

If you want to go for a little healthier cookie, use white whole wheat flour, or ½ all-purpose and ½ whole wheat flour. For those who are either gluten-free or just looking to cut down on some calories, swap the all-purpose flour for gluten-free or almond flour.

Becky – Baking The Goods

Becky Sue - Bosch Cookies Recipe InterviewBecky Sue is the Santa Barbara, CA-based baker, photographer and writer behind Baking The Goods. An ever-evolving blog & passion project with a DIY, learn-as-you-go approach. She creates step by step recipes featuring relatable stories paired with detailed photos and videos, shot from the home baker’s point of view. From hilarious insights to glamourous food shots, Becky has no problem drawing fellow bakers (like Bosch!) to her blog.

Bosch Interview - Salted Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies-Baking The Goods

In line with our mouthwatering and decadent theme, Becky contributed her salted peanut butter chocolate chip cookies recipe.

Becky admits – “I have an unhealthy obsession with peanut butter cookie dough.”

Becky recommends using dark chocolate chips when making her salted peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

“There is just something unmatchable about dark chocolate chips set against the nutty peanut butter base. Mixed with aromatic brown butter and a hefty sprinkle of sea salt flakes, these cookies strike a perfect balance of sweet, salty and satisfying.” 

The dough freezes well so she always has a batch on hand. If you have a peanut allergy, Becky said you can swap the peanut butter for creamy tahini.

As a bonus for swapping to the tahini, Becky said, “the cookies take on a more grown-up flavor, reminiscent of the original but with an elevated level of sophistication.” 

Give any (or all) of these cookies a try and let us know what you think! If you are currently without our cookie paddles, you can buy them here. They make a huge difference when mixing cookie dough. A huge thank you to all the ladies who contributed to this joint interview by offering their delicious cookie recipes. For more recipe inspiration, visit these bloggers sites and take a look at our very own Bosch recipes.

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