​Great Uses For The Bosch Meat Grinder Attachment

All across the country, people are becoming more conscious about the food that they eat. Meats, in particular, are a hot-button issue. Quality control issues, contamination from factory farms, treatment of animals and even the nutritional content of cheap cuts are being called into question. But considering all of those issues and trying to act consciously can be time-consuming and wallet-shrinking.

The Bosch Meat Grinder attachment is a surprising remedy to several of these problems. The conscious consumer can now be more selective in the meats they choose and from where, while grinding it themselves for use in recipes, special meals and family favorites. If you are wondering how you might use the Bosch Meat Grinder attachment, here are some great uses for you to try for yourself.

Better Ground Beef Made At Home

With the meat grinder attachment, consumers can grind their own beef from high quality cuts of meat. Take more control of your fat to lean protein ratio. Also, you can avoid pre-packaged meats that come from multiple cows fed on differing diets and possible additional hormones. With the Bosch Meat Grinder attachment, you can take a stronger hold of your nutrition.

Homemade Sausages Are A Healthier Option

Another meat item that often contains undesirable byproducts are sausages, which can also contain carcinogens that are dangerous to your health. Grinding your own meat and adding them to casings can reduce the health impact while giving you a better sausage made right in your home.

You can also add ingredients to customize them, such as jalapenos, mango, Italian seasoning, cheddar and more. All for a lower price than buying specialty sausages.

Maker Leaner Ground Meats With Poultry

If you are avoiding high fat meats, you can always count on chicken and turkey to be there as healthier and tasty alternatives. Take poultry breasts or thighs with the bones removed and run them through the Bosch Meat Grinder. Then you can cook it the in place of beef-based hamburgers, add to pasta sauce, cook in tacos or include it in any dish that you would have normally added ground beef.

Mouth-Watering Ground Pork Made With Attachment

Pork was unfairly maligned for many years, but it has made a comeback. Full of vitamins and minerals such as thiamine, B12, and zinc, pork is also a great, lean source of protein. But the slightly higher fat content than many chicken cuts also makes pork ideal for locking in flavor in food items such as meatballs and meatloaf, once it has been ground.

A meat grinder attachment can open a world of possibilities when it comes to your culinary exploits. Bosch, already a producer of high-quality appliances, provides reliable tools for the kitchen for single and family use. If you are ready to add even more utility to your Bosch Mixer, check out the Bosch Meat Grinder attachment.

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