Spice Up Your Healthy Cooking with Insight From Ambitious Kitchen

At Bosch, we’re always looking for new recipes to try – especially if it means whipping out a few Bosch Universal Mixer attachments! When we reached out to blogger Monique of Ambitious Kitchen, we were thrilled to get our hands on her highly-recommended Yellow Curry Chicken recipe. She shared with us her love of cooking and using wholesome ingredients and we couldn’t agree more. See what Monique had to say…

What value do you get from making meals from scratch? Why do you feel it is better and healthier for you/your family?

“Getting in the kitchen, putting in the work of chopping, prepping and cooking makes the end results of the meal worth it because you know how much love went into the dish. It’s also wonderful to learn about spices and herbs and how they all work together to make the dish flavorful. The more you experiment and learn, the more confident you’ll feel in the kitchen and the more power you’ll have to cook healthy meals for yourself and your family versus eating out. Cooking is all about experimenting so make sure you have fun doing it.”

What’s one of your favorite healthy recipes (old or new) that you recommend for others to incorporate into their health-related resolutions this new year? Please explain why.

“I love my one pan yellow curry chicken with rice because it’s a healthy satisfying meal made with protein, nutrient dense veggies, healthy fats and global flavors. And the best part is that it’s completely made in one pan. The recipe is a guaranteed success and a great weeknight meal, or a dish to make ahead of time and enjoy for a healthy lunch during the week.”

View Monique’s recipe here: ambitiouskitchen.com

Taking time out of your already-busy day for cooking is tricky. But with the help of the internet, some excellent kitchen tools, and a few creative ideas, you can make delicious, healthy meals to fill your tummies with excellent nutrition. As many of our participating bloggers can agree, time spent in the kitchen is worth the investment. See the rest of the responses we received here!

Monique is a healthy food blogger at Ambitious Kitchen – a site devoted to clean eating meals, better for you treats and living an ambitious life. Monique started her blog in 2011 while working in PR, marketing, and social media for both small and large-scale food brands. By 2014 Monique was ready to leave her full-time job to pursue Ambitious Kitchen full time; she has never looked back and fully supports the #GirlBoss movement.

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