Blogger ‘A Foodie Stays Fit’ Shares Her Go-To Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

A Food Stays Fit is a great resource for fitness and food. That’s why we reached out to Teri Hutcheon to pick her brain about home cooking and recommended recipes. At Bosch, we’re always looking for new recipes to try. We hope you’ll enjoy Teri’s take on homemade whole wheat bread. See what she had to say…

What value do you get from making meals from scratch? Why do you feel it is better and healthier for you/your family?

“I have a number of dietary restrictions, so it’s simply better and easier for my health to make meals from scratch. That way, I know what’s in the meal and can avoid things that upset me. Also, I find it meditative to cook and bake since I can’t multitask while I do it. (I’ve learned the hard way it’s not a good idea!) Making meals from scratch is a great way for me to relax and take time away from devices. (The exception is if I’m following a recipe from the computer. 😉 )”

What’s one of your favorite healthy recipes (old or new) that you recommend for others to incorporate into their health-related resolutions this new year? Please explain why.

“ I think everyone should learn to make homemade wheat bread. It’s so much simpler than people think and it’s so much better for you than the bread at the store that has many preservatives. Bread is truly simple – flour, water, yeast – and most ingredient lists on the loaves you find at the store are far too long. Making homemade bread takes time, but most of the time is hands off so you can do other things while the bread rises and bakes. You can see my favorite recipe here, and I like to find local wheat flour whenever I can. And even though I rarely eat bread since I’m sensitive to gluten, I make this fairly often since my husband loves it. It’s also a nice touch to serve homemade bread when we have guests for dinner, and it’s my go-to housewarming gift or “I’m thinking of you” gift when friends are going through a hard time. I hope you and your family love it as much as we do!”

Thanks for sharing this great homemade bread recipe, Teri. Bosch is a huge fan of homemade bread, simple ingredients, and gift-giving-goodies. As we brave the new year, we’re filling our must-try recipe lists with wholesome foods like Teri’s whole wheat flax bread. For more new recipes from bloggers like Teri, read a compilation of similar reviews here.

Teri Hutcheon is the blogger behind the popular health blog A Foodie Stays Fit. She shares easy recipes, her weekly workouts (including CrossFitting and training for the Boston Marathon) and her favorite fashion finds on the blog each week. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook. Teri grew up in Utah but now calls Winston-Salem, NC home.


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