Add More Veggies To Your Diet With Help From Happy Healthy Mama

In our quest to scrounge up new, healthy, interesting recipes for your home cooking this year, we reached out to a number of bloggers to find out what their family-favorites were. Not only were we interested in getting some new ideas for our taste buds, we also wanted to know what motivated these bloggers (and the rest of the world) to get in the kitchen and cook up their own meals instead of buying pre-made foods. Here’s what Maryea Flaherty from Happy Healthy Mama had to say about it…

What value do you get from making meals from scratch? Why do you feel it is better and healthier for you/your family?

“I find great value in making my family’s meals from scratch. I love knowing and having control over the ingredients we are eating and allows me to eat seasonally and local when possible. I also think homemade food simply tastes better!”

What’s one of your favorite healthy recipes (old or new) that you recommend for others to incorporate into their health-related resolutions this new year?

“I highly recommend my Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Spaghetti Squash. It’s a vegetable-centric recipe, and incorporating a wide variety of vegetables into our diets is one of the best investments we can make in our health! What’s so great about this particular recipe is that it doesn’t taste like you’re depriving yourself in the least and it is so flavorful. It really is healthy comfort food!”

You can Maryea’s recipe here:

What a tasty dish. Thanks for sharing Maryea! Head on over to Healthy Happy Mama for more yummy recipes; and for all your food-preparing-needs, be sure to see which Bosch Mixer attachments you could add to your kitchen for easier, healthier home cooking. To read more recipe suggestions and blogger interview, read the full, in-depth article here.

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