Person cutting into perfect brownies.

How to Make the Perfect Brownies

Brownies are the best way to please any dessert lover. From dense and chewy to light fluffy, you can never go wrong with brownies. But creating the perfect brownies all comes down to how carefully you treat your ingredients and how well you pay attention to the actual baking of the brownies.

Make sure you consider these tips the next time you bake this classic dessert.

Choose the right recipe/ingredients

It’s important to adapt your batter based on the type of brownie you want! If you want a denser and chewier brownie, use a recipe that requires less flour and more eggs and butter. If you want a lighter and fluffier brownie, use more flour and take care not to overmix the batter.

Cold ingredients vs room temperature

Another way to ensure denser brownies is to use cold ingredients like eggs. If you prefer lighter brownies, room temperature ingredients are the way to go as they mix together more easily and the emulsion process in the dough makes them fluffier.

Avoid grainy and greasy brownies

Sometimes the fat can separate from the batter when mixing. Add a teaspoon of milk or two during mixing to combine the ingredients.

Use a timer

Set a timer for 5 minutes before the recipe says to pull the brownies out of the oven to check and see if they are done – insert a toothpick and if it comes out clean the brownies are good to go! Remember that just a few minutes too long in the oven can break a batch of brownies!

Get an oven thermometer

The temperature of the oven is as important as how long you bake the brownies. An oven thermometer will help you determine if your oven under-heating or over-heating, and you’ll be able to adjust the temperature accordingly.

Use the correct bakeware

When you are using a metal pan, the time needed to bake is shorter than if you were using a glass pan. Many recipes will provide baking directions for each type of baking pan.

Let them cool

There’s nothing more enticing than a batch of warm brownies, but if you let them cool all the way it will be much easier to cut them.  Cooler brownies will also provide you with the best consistency.

If you follow our tips, you’ll be able to create the perfect batch of brownies every time! So what are you waiting for? Pull out your Bosch Mixer and whip up a batch of brownies!

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