High-Altitude Baking Tips

Have you ever wondered why you can follow your mother’s tried-and-true recipe to a tee, yet it doesn’t quite come out the same? Either it’s too dry, not as fluffy, or it falls apart. As much as she’d like you to believe it is, this isn’t just mama’s magic touch.

Slight changes in elevation can have a big impact on your baking. At higher altitudes, air pressure is lower and evaporation happens more quickly, which can cause your baked goods to dry out and weaken their structure. 

Luckily, Bosch has you covered with this handy list of high altitude alterations.

Raise the oven temperature with elevation

To set the structure of the baked goods quickly and before they expand and dry out, increase the oven temperature by 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Start off by raising the heat a few degrees at first and increase as needed each time you try the recipe. 

To compensate for the higher temperature, you can decrease the baking time between five and eight minutes for every thirty minutes. 

Keep hydrated

The rapid rate of evaporation at high altitude in addition to the increased oven temperature can dry out your baked goods. Try increasing the recipe’s main liquid ingredient by one to two tablespoons at 3,000 feet above sea level. For each additional 1,000 feet, increase by 1 1/2 teaspoons. For cakes and other egg-based baking, you can add an extra egg for moisture, depending on the recipe.

Strengthen the baking structure

There are two things you can do to strengthen the structure of your baked goods- decrease sugar and add flour. Sugar is more concentrated at higher altitudes, which can weaken baked goods. To help hold them together, decrease sugar by one tablespoon per cup and try adding a tablespoon of flour at 3,500 feet with an additional tablespoon per each additional 1,500 feet.

Make sure to sift the flour with your Bosch Universal Flour Sifter Attachment to aerate it for a smooth finish.

Combine in your Bosch Mixer

Above all, make sure your ingredients are thoroughly combined, which is a quick and easy job with the help of a Bosch Stand Mixer! Our powerful motors make easy work of kneading and mixing, and can yield up to 14 loaves of bread or 34 dozen cookies at a time!

If you live at a high altitude and want to try a delicious Bosch recipe, use these tips for an elevated treat!
Source: King Arthur Flour

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