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Favorite Holiday Recipes to Make in Your Bosch Mixer

Have you ever been at a holiday party and tasted something so delectable that you needed the recipe immediately? Well, we wanted to bring together a group of fantastic food bloggers so you can try their favorite holiday recipes and possibly find a new dish to add to your holiday traditions.

Even better, each of these top-notch bloggers use a Bosch stand mixer to create their recipes, which means you can easily follow along with your Bosch mixer – no adaptation required. So, when you’ve picked out which recipe you want to start with, all you have to do is gather the ingredients and start making some delicious holiday bakes!

Noreen – Noreen’s Kitchen

Noreen’s Kitchen

One of Noreen’s favorite holiday recipes to make in her Bosch mixer is her mouthwatering, easy yeast dough cinnamon rolls. These rolls hold a special place in Noreen’s family traditions.

“This is a favorite recipe because it is something my mom always made for special occasions and holidays.”

Along with her own fond memories, Noreen specifically recommends her cinnamon rolls recipe because “This is a great recipe for the yeast dough novice or expert baker alike. Perfect for any special occasion, holiday gathering or to give the neighbors or co-workers for gifts at holiday time. I can literally do a quadruple batch of this recipe in my Bosch mixer at one time!
cinnamon rolls
An afternoon of baking will render four batches of delicious cinnamon rolls that I can divvy up for friends and family or turn into mini cinnamon rolls baked on a sheet pan for sharing at church coffee hour.”

Avid baker Noreen Lambert of Noreen’s Kitchen, grew up with a pastry chef for a mother and has used a number of stand mixers in her lifetime. After her last stand mixer broke down, Noreen put in a lot of research before investing in a Bosch Universal Plus Mixer.

As a lifelong baker, Noreen wanted to be sure her new stand mixer was up to her baking needs.

“The first thing I did was put it to the test and made enough bread dough to equal 15 pounds. It didn’t even breath heavy!”

Teri – A Foodie Stays Fit


Combining a love of food and fitness, Teri Hutcheon is the driving force behind the blog A Foodie Stays Fit. Teri received her Bosch mixer as a gift when she graduated from college in 2006. She had many fond memories of Bosch stand mixers, as it was a family staple in her childhood home.

“My mom ALWAYS had a Bosch mixer growing up since she made four loaves of bread (often times more) every single Saturday.”

With her own stand mixer, the first recipe Teri made was the one she wants to share—her pumpkin gingerbread recipe.

“I remember feeling very grown up in my college apartment making this pumpkin gingerbread for a holiday get-together and impressing my roommates. I quickly became known as the girl who bakes after that.”
pumpkin gingerbread
Teri found that holiday dessert tables were often dominated with cookies and without other options for people who prefer a lightly sweet and spiced dessert. Her pumpkin loaves are a hit for those with a major sweet tooth as well as the crowd that craves something savory. She attributes her Bosch mixer with part of her success.

“The large bowl capacity that Bosch has is key for so many of my favorite recipes, including this one! I love making two loaves without feeling like I’ll make a mess with a mixing bowl that’s just a little too full.”

Be sure to try out Teri’s pumpkin gingerbread recipe to create a spiced treat every member of the family will favor.

Katie – Clarks Condensed


As the creative mind powering the blog Clarks Condensed, Katie Clark shares advice and insight into family life, DIY, travel, and of course, baking! She has only had her Bosch mixer for a few months but already can’t imagine food creation without it.

“It makes baking even more fun, and the results are perfect every time. Plus, it’s such a versatile machine—which makes the investment even more worth it.”

Katie’s favorite holiday recipe is inspired by her busy young family’s lifestyle. This tasty dinner addition is fast and easy – it’s her quick honey dinner roll recipe.

honey dinner roll
“I started making these a few years ago when I needed a go-to recipe for rolls. I’d tried a lot over the years—and while I loved many of them—they took FOREVER to make! This recipe is a great recipe for a beginner, but even someone who has been baking homemade rolls for years will enjoy them.”

With her stand mixer handy, Katie has found it even easier to turn out these quick and simply delicious rolls.

“The capacity for the Bosch Mixer is unbeaten, and it makes cooking for a crowd so much easier. At the same time, you can make just one batch, and it still turns out great. I love the dough hook!”

By opting to use Katie’s dinner roll recipe during your next holiday feast prep, save yourself time while impressing your family and friends.

Laura – Whole Food Nanny


With an emphasis on unprocessed foods and plant-based dietary habits, Laura Clark shares her expertise on Whole Food Nanny. With not just one but two different Bosch mixers, Laura develops delicious and healthy food for her family and readers.

“I use my Compact Bosch when I’m baking for my family and my Universal Bosch when I’m baking for a crowd. Both are an integral part of my kitchen accessories!”

Laura wants to help others discover that healthier ways of eating can be incredibly tasty. She shares with us her healthier pumpkin chocolate chip muffins recipe.
pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
“It’s made with nutritious whole grains, includes healthy fats, and has minimal refined sugars. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland or gross. It can taste amazing while making you feel well too!”

She recommends this recipe for anyone who loves pumpkin and the warm memories attached to holiday baking.

“This recipe is such a winner around this time of year because it leaves your home with a yummy pumpkin aroma! We look forward to the pumpkin food traditions, and it reminds us of the traditions we have when gathering with family and friends whom we love!”

So, if you are ready to indulge in a healthier holiday treat which will taste just as decadent at the unhealthy version, then try out Laura’s pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who participated in this Bosch recipe project. If you were particularly interested in one of the recipes or bloggers, be sure to check out their websites for more excellent content.

If you are ready to try out these fantastic recipes, but you don’t have a Bosch mixer yet, now is the time to fix that. With the holidays almost upon us, you can make your festive baking and cooking so much easier with one of our top-notch stand mixers on your side, much like these blogging bakers have done.

Read through our Bosch recipes for more great ideas. We have everything from desserts to entrees, all to help you keep dishing up the best food possible.

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