Famous Food Bloggers That Love Their Bosch Stand Mixer

We can’t say enough about Bosch stand mixers. As distributors and avid users, we’re loyal to our brand because we know it’s the best out there! But we also know our customers are smart and savvy. Before purchasing a stand mixer for your kitchen, you’re going to do your online research.

Thanks to the blogging world, we were able to compile multiple reviews of our beautiful Bosch mixers for you to see. Nearly every blogger who uses the Bosch is impressed by it’s outperforming ability to mix large batches of bread dough like a boss. Take a look at this video that shows the Bosch mixer at work, fully incorporating food dye into a batch of thick bread dough.

Not only does it do an incredible job of blending ingredients, it’s also incredibly strong and reliable. As other mixers bog down after a few minutes of mixing, the Bosch powers through heavy batches of dough without any sign of fatigue. You can be confident in your Bosch mixer for years. In fact, many Bosch users have inherited their mixer from a relative. We love that our mixers have become family heirlooms!

Check out this compilation of other Bosch lovers. You can see their review of the Bosch stand mixer on their website or view their vlog review below.

Ashlee Marie

Myth buster Ashlee Marie quiets worried minds about Bosch mixer misconceptions. She loves the fact that the Bosch mixer is smaller and lighter than her other stand mixer, that it is easy to clean, that the Bosch stand mixer has a stronger motor and larger mixing bowl, and that it has dozens of applications besides just being a tool for making bread dough.

On her blog, Ashlee shares savory recipes, delightful desserts, party planning tips, and more. To see how she uses her Bosch, visit her blog!

Noreen’s Kitchen

Noreen from Noreen’s Kitchen was really impressed with the Bosch mixer as she put it to the test mixing up a batch of bread dough that used almost 25 cups of all-purpose flour! She also says that thanks to a 10-minute kneading process in the Bosch mixer, you can forget the second rise of your bread dough. She pulls her dough right out of the mixer, shapes it, proofs it (only once) and bakes it! Thanks, Noreen! Watch Video Here

Simply Canning

Sharon with Simplycanning.com prefers her Bosch mixer over other stand mixers for its reliability and longevity! She also loves that it is impressively versatile and easy to clean.

Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Mel from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe is another Bosch mixer lover. She uses both the Kitchen Aid and the Bosch mixer in her kitchen but admits that if she had to pick just one, it would be the Bosch stand mixer. Just check out her excellent comparison of creaming butter and sugar in both mixers!

She loves the fact that the Bosch mixes ingredients together without her dough getting caught up on the dough hook or whisk. We totally agree, Mel!

Foodal is an incredible blog packed with recipes, tips, hacks, and more. Bookmark this site for great holiday recipes and a wealth of all-things-food. They’re a website on the hunt for excellent food as well as the tools for making their creative recipes and yes, they too love the Bosch mixer. We blew them away with our impressive 800-watt motor and they suggest making a Bosch mixer a serious consideration for any kitchen.

We love our customers and are so grateful for their honest reviews of the Bosch mixer. Knowing that our stand mixer has made the lives of homemakers and hobby bakers a little easier puts a huge smile on our faces. Bread makers and chefs alike are choosing to use the Bosch brand every day as word spreads about our incredibly versatile and reliable stand mixer.

Learn more about Bosch by visiting our blog.

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