Easy New Years Goals For Healthier Eating From Bosch

These small and simple tweaks to your everyday eating habits will amount to huge positive changes in the way you feel throughout this next year. Choose to tackle all 5 goals or narrow it down to one or two!

1. Eat Mindfully

It’s just how it sounds. Eating is something every single person does multiple times a day but this day in age we usually eat while we are doing other things. Be more mindful of your meals by sitting down at the table with your food and without any other distractions like a device or the television. Eat in silence every once in a while. This gives more mindfulness to what you’re eating and how you are eating it. Take your time and listen to cues from your body to keep eating until you’re satisfied and not overly full. Put your fork down in between bites and drink some water.

2. Stock up

One of the easiest ways to eat garbage is by not having healthy choices readily available. Here are some things to always have on hand:

  • Fresh leafy greens, spinach, kale, or a box of spring mix
  • Canned salmon or chicken to throw on top of a great salad, or into a quesadilla, etc
  • Healthy fats such as nuts, avocados or olives
  • Frozen berries, especially when out of season
  • pre-made hard boiled eggs, lentils, quinoa or rice
  • A good variety of spices to kick up the flavor

3. Plan Ahead

Now that you’re stocked up, it’s a lot easier to plan meals for the week ahead. When you already have the ingredients on hand, or on a list for your next grocery trip, it’s much easier to go with the healthy options. Having a shortcut with meal planning can give you healthy nutrient dense meals in just minutes. Find the time once a week to get all your meal planning and purchasing done.

4. Prep

If you can carve out a few hours, one day a week, you can prep most of your food for the week. Then when it comes to feeding everyone breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all you have to do is reheat and assemble. One of the trickiest parts of eating well is avoiding our cravings as hunger turns its ugly head. With your foods prepared beforehand, it’s much easier to eat healthier and avoid the bag of chips when our tummies rumble.

5. Cut Back On Sugar

Know your food labels and avoid added sugars and artificial sweeteners. Look for natural foods to sweeten the pot. If you need a little sweet addition to your coffee try cinnamon, vanilla extract, and honey in your oatmeal, or squeeze a citrus fruit over your salad. You get the idea! Once you can train your brain to not rely on all the extra sugar you’ll be much better off.

These simple changes or additions to your everyday eating habits will not only be good for your weight and waistline but you’ll find yourself enjoying plenty of extra other health benefits. You’ll find yourself with more energy, greater endurance, and strength, the pride of a clean diet with benefits of clearer skin and healthy looking hair. You might be surprised to see yourself feeling healthy and avoiding viruses like the cold or flu because your immune system has an excellent boost from your health driven goals this year. Find more healthy eating tips by visiting our blog!

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