Cleaning Your Bosch Stand Mixer

You’re the proud owner of a Bosch stand mixer and now you want to make it last a lifetime! A great way to do that is to brush up on the best ways to clean and care for all the pieces of your mighty little machine.

Dishwasher Safe Items

  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Plastic bowl
  • Splash ring and cover
  • Whisks
  • All blender components except for the base
  • All slicer shredder components

Components To Wash By Hand

  • Whisk holder – wash by hand in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry completely.
  • Blender base/blade – wash under running water and dry with a towel. Do not soak for an extended time – this may remove the bearings lubrication.
  • Bosch mixer base – Clean with a q-tip or paper towel. Wipe the drive with a small amount of oil to keep it running smoothly. Do not use hard chemicals or abrasive brushes when cleaning the base. They may damage the finish and remove the color.
  • Drive shaft – remove this from the mixing bowl and wash by hand.

1 thought on “Cleaning Your Bosch Stand Mixer”

  1. I used my new Bosch universal mixer for
    First time. It was going great till it started squeaking! Kinda freaked me out. I stopped running it and checked what I could not knowing anything. Could it have been drive shaft since I had just washed it and maybe it wasn’t dry? Thank you for any info and help. Otherwise.this machine is amazing!

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