Buckwheat Blender Pancakes

I look forward to my weekends all week! In fact, they are sacred to me and my family. The best weekends are when there is nothing going on. We sleep in, stay in our PJs and make plans about what to eat for all of our meals. Food is the universal love language in our home and so most holidays and weekends are usually centered around the menu. One of our favorite lazy day breakfasts are these Buckwheat Blender Pancakes Get the Buckwheat Blender Pancake Recipe Here. You can make the entire recipe right in the RPM Smart Blend. The RPM Smart Blend will blend whole Buckwheat groats into Buckwheat flour within seconds. The result is a fine, smooth buckwheat flour that is rich in protein and amino acids, which makes these pancakes a great recovery meal after a workout. In fact, The Whole Grains Council named Buckwheat, “The December Grain of The Month”. Not only does the freshly ground Buckwheat flour lend it’s smooth, nutty flavor to these pancakes, it also makes this recipe gluten-free! You really have to give these decadent Buckwheat Blender Pancakes a try. They take no time at all and they taste and look so indulgent you won’t even believe you are eating healthy.

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