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Bosch’s Back to School Bundle

Even in families where only one or two children are starting school, making sure everyone is eating a good breakfast and packing healthy lunches can be tough. Parents can use the Bosch Back to School Bundle to streamline a hectic meal schedule.

How The Bosch Back To School Bundle Helps Busy Families

Rather than cluttering a kitchen with single-use tools, the Bosch Back to School Bundle allows busy families to accomplish multiple meal creation activities, all while using a single machine.

  • Bosch Universal Plus Mixer – The base of the bundle is the powerful Bosch Universal Plus Mixer. This stand mixer can turn out enough bread dough to make 14 loaves of bread, plenty for packed lunch sandwiches for the whole family!
    • Blender – A quick and easy way to add fruits and vegetables to your family’s breakfast is with a healthy smoothie. Using frozen fruit as the base instead of ice, you can throw in some spinach and carrots with the milk of your preference for a vitamin-packed smoothie that will start anyone’s day off right.
      • Cookie Paddles – Most children love a sweet treat with their lunches, and the cookie paddles can make turning out large batches of cookies easy. With the specialized shape of the Bosch cookie paddles, the cookie dough is thoroughly mixed with no leftover patches of dry ingredients. You can make 34 dozen cookies in this stand mixer, which is definitely enough for your child to share and can help them make new friends.
        • Bowl Scraper – A flaw of other stand mixers is ingredients left on the sides of the mixing bowl. With the bowl scraper attachment this bundle comes with, the sides are automatically scraped as your ingredients are combined, creating less waste.
          • Easy Lunch Ideas You Can Make With Your Bosch Mixer

            Everyone knows the packed lunch staples of a simple sandwich, apple, and treat of some kind. If you are looking to mix it up this year but don’t want to spend forever making lunches, we have some easy lunch ideas you can whip up with the Bosch Mixer.

          • Tacos – By using a lunch container that comes with segments, your child can take tortillas to school with carnitas taco fillings and build their own tacos for lunch. You can even whip up homemade tortillas at home in your stand mixer, allowing you to control what goes into your child’s food.
            • Bagel sandwich – These concoctions have all the portability of a regular sandwich but with greater structure thanks to the denser bagel base. You can turn out a batch of bagels with a Bosch stand mixer, feeding your family breakfast and lunch with one recipe.
              • Energy treat – If your child needs a little more energy for studying, mix up a batch of super energy balls in your mixer to boost their energy levels during the school day. While these aren’t a meal on their own, they are a great compliment to a healthy lunch.
                • Quiche – A spinach quiche or other healthy-ingredient quiches can be a great, portable lunchtime food. You can bake mini quiches using a muffin tin, making the quiche bite-sized and more portable. You even can make the quiche crust in your Bosch stand mixer.
                  • The start of the school year can be stressful for both parents and children. Do yourself a favor and pick up the Bosch Back to School Bundle and make your family’s lives easier.

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