Bosch Stand Mixers – The Gift That Keeps On Giving


Whether you’re a hobby bread maker or an avid baker, a Bosch stand mixer is THEE appliance everyone needs in their line up of must-have kitchen gadgets. For years and even generations, Bosch mixers have been purchased, gifted and passed down. With the longevity and abilities of these magnificent machines, you and your family can create not only amazing food together but memories for years to come.

Bosch mixers are known for their large capacity and excellent mixing capabilities. Here are some things you may not know about Bosch mixers that are sure to impress.

The Bosch Universal mixer is an 800 watt powerhouse with a large 6.5 bowl that can hold up to 20 cups of flour and can work 14 pounds of bread dough faster and better than other comparable mixers in the market. Other mixers are only 575 watts and can only hold 14 cups of flour. But what if you never make bread? That’s ok, there are a hundred other uses for a Bosch mixer besides bread dough. You can use a Bosch for all basic baking – cookies, brownies, cake batters, and more. You can also use a Bosch mixer to grate cheeses, chocolate, and veggies. You can grind your own meats and make homemade ice cream with your Bosch. Want to grind grains and nuts into flours and nut butters? A Bosch is good for that too! Not to mention the ability to whip small batches of eggs, heavy cream, and butter. Half the recipe or even double and triple what you’re making, the Bosch mixer can handle it. In fact, if you’re using the mixer for bread dough, it will knead it so well that you only need one rise for your bread. Talk about a time saver!

When you read about all the amazing abilities the Bosch mixers have it might seem like a bulky complicated machine that takes up too much space and is hard to clean. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Most components of the Bosch mixer are dishwasher safe. You can also twist off the bottom and pull out the drive shaft to make cleaning easier. Once your mixer is clean and ready to store, the cord pushes back into an open section at the bottom of the mixer to keep it nice and tidy. The suction cups on the bottom keep the compact machine in place better than before. The short and squatty design is great to store your mixer in a cabinet or on the countertop easily tucked out of the way with all the attachments (dough hook, whisks, cookie paddle, batter whisk, etc.) stored easily in the bowl.

Give A Gift Of Love

When you gift the Bosch mixer to a loved one, they’ll have opportunities to use their stand mixer again and again. With each turn of the motor, they’ll think of the loved one from whom they received this incredible gift. Give someone you love the ability to share their heartfelt baking with friends and family! Give the Bosch stand mixer this year.

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