Piece of Cake

Bosch Stand Mixer Attachments Make Holiday Baking A Piece of Cake

Holiday baking is a fun-filled part of the Christmas season. Everyone is excited to receive a loaf of world-famous pumpkin spice bread, and holiday cakes can be the show-stopping centerpiece of any holiday party. But there is no denying that holiday baking can be both time-consuming and difficult, especially without the right tools.

At Bosch Mixers, we believe a kitchen is only complete with a Bosch stand mixer. With these tools at your fingertips, holiday baking becomes a piece of cake.

Whip Up Beautiful Cakes

To create a light and fluffy cake to act as the star of your holiday feast, the Bosch cake paddles are what you need. Using whisks can help with creaming butter and cream cheese, but often knocks the air out of batter. With the paddles, you can fold all of your ingredients into a well-aerated cake.

If you are baking up a dense fruitcake, stick to using the Bosch wire whips. They will mix the dense batter more easily without incorporating unnecessary air bubbles.

Create Delicious Bakery Fillings With The Bosch Berry Press

Store-bought jams and jellies can leave you wanting when it comes to filling your holiday baked goods full of gooey sweetness. But with the Bosch berry press attachment, effortlessly create your own homemade jams and jellies. After cooking your fruit, run the batch through the berry press to remove the skin and seeds. Homemade jams and jelly turn out the perfect blend of sweet and tangy berry flavors that instantly improve your baked goods.

You’ll need to attach the berry press to the Bosch meat grinder attachment, but we’re sure you’ve already added this handy tool to your kitchen!

Bake Up Yeasty Breads With Bosch Dough Hook Extender

With the Bosch dough hook extender attachment, you easily can make large batches of bread to give to all your neighbors and friends. With this attachment, you can turn your kitchen into a holiday bakery in no time!

Not all Bosch mixer attachments are cross-compatible, so be sure to check that your selected attachments fit your Bosch Universal Plus mixer, or whatever Bosch stand mixer you own.

If you are lucky enough to already have these excellent attachments and our many other handy attachments, consider gifting a Bosch stand mixer to that home chef in your life. Because, as we said, a kitchen is only complete when it has its very own Bosch.

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