BOSCH Kitchen Giveaway

The time has come!  The BOSCH Kitchen Giveaway Winner is here!  Thank you so much for participating in this amazing giveaway.  

2019 was the 45th anniversary of Bosch Mixers in the United States and Canada. To celebrate we offered one lucky winner a BOSCH Kitchen*, complete with a stainless steel stove, microwave, fridge, and dishwasher.  We also threw in a brand new black Bosch mixer with stainless steel bowl.  As you can imagine we had quite the response.  15,000+ entries later, we had our hands full. Many of your entered online and bunches used snail mail to get their entries to us. The amount of entries made it all the more exciting. 

Tallying up the entries was a little more challenging than expected.  Gillian, our very own “Vanna White” had the very important duty of entering all 15,000 entries onto a data sheet, then she was also lucky enough to print them out and cut them up.  We hoped to fill a Bosch mixer bowl with entries but as you can see we ended up filling a mixer box to overflowing!  So exciting. After all of the work that she put in, it’s only right that Gillian get to pick the winner.  Plus she is just so dang cute. Many thanks to Gillian, she is a life-saver here at the office.  


*Appliances courtesy of Bosch-Home-US. 

15,000+ Entries


Congratulations Dale Pomerantz.  You are the winner of the BOSCH Kitchen!  We can’t wait to see how your kitchen looks!

Be sure and watch the video for the actual drawing and results, and thanks again for participating.  We should do this again sometime!

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