Not Your Mother’s Holiday Feast: Baking Bloggers Dish Up Unique Recipes for the Holidays – Full Interview with Teri Hutcheon

All of us here at Bosch are grateful for tradition and family recipes that can be passed down from generation to generation. However, this holiday season we wanted to step out of the familial recipe box and find some new foods to try out.  For that reason, we reached out to four top baking bloggers and asked them to share their favorite non-traditional holiday recipes that have made its place at the dinner table during their family meals.

Bosch Blogger Interview - Teri HutcheonIn this interview we spoke with Teri Hutcheon, the blogger at A Foodie Stays Fit. On her site Teri showcases her favorite healthy recipes, current workout routines, and recent fashion finds. You’ll be surprised at the unique and healthy recipe that has quickly become a new holiday tradition in her household.


What’s your favorite non-traditional recipe to whip up during the holiday season?

I love making a kale salad with clementines, chopped almonds and pecorino romano. The textures are amazing with the crunchy almonds, sweet clementines and chewy dried cranberries. Even my husband who isn’t really a salad person loves it.

Why is it your favorite?

I like having something GREEN at the table since meals can quickly get carb heavy, but the cheese makes it still feel a bit indulgent. (I sometimes throw crispy bacon into the mix too!) It comes together really quickly which is important during the busy holiday season!

How did you learn about this recipe? When was the first time you made this recipe?

I made it up, in a last-minute dash for a potluck! I totally forgot to plan a dish to bring until the last minute, which really isn’t like me but luckily it IS like me to always have a stocked fridge. So, I just looked around in my kitchen and started to think about what flavors I typically see on a holiday table. When I saw the clementines and chopped almonds and pecorino, the trio just screamed “holiday” (probably because we always got oranges and nuts in our stockings as kids). I tossed it over some kale and it was a hit. The salad bowl was empty at the end of the night.

Do you make this dish each year?

Yes! I’ve made a variation of it every year since then, sometimes tweaking the ingredients a little since it’s very forgiving. Bacon is nice in place of cheese (or in addition to!) and shredded brussels sprouts add great flavor and texture. I like dried cherries in place of cranberries too.

What does this recipe entail (including ingredients, time, equipment, etc)?

Details and pictures are posted here!

Do you have any specific accounts or fond memories tied to this recipe? 

One of my favorite memories with this salad is when I made it again to share with my neighbors on Christmas Day, a few weeks after that potluck. I ended up being alone on Christmas Day, which actually wasn’t as sad as it sounds! My family is far away so it can be really hard to get home every year. But, I decided to make the most of it and I tried to make the day my “perfect” holiday with no rules. I started my day with a long run, then took my dog to the park, followed by an impromptu brunch with my neighbors in my driveway. I made an oatmeal and apple bake and they brought mimosas! Later that day, we reconvened under their carport and shared dinner around their fire pit. I made the salad since I still had all the ingredients around and they grilled steaks. My neighbors, a couple whose children were spending time with other family members, were alone and I was alone – but none of us felt alone.  It wasn’t a traditional Christmas dinner, but it’s a wonderful memory of sharing time with great people – and that’s really the best part about the holidays.


Do you have healthy recipes that you like to whip up during the holiday season? Please share them below!

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