Not Your Mother’s Holiday Feast: Baking Bloggers Dish Up Unique Recipes for the Holidays – Full Interview with Dori Troutman

All of us here at Bosch are grateful for tradition and family recipes that can be passed down from generation to generation. However, this holiday season we wanted to step out of the familial recipe box and find some new foods to try out.  For that reason, we reached out to four top baking bloggers and asked them to share their favorite non-traditional holiday recipes that have made its place at the dinner table during their family meals.

Bosch Blogger Interview - Dori TroutmanIn this interview we chatted with Dori Troutman. Her blog, The Red Feedsack, is a splendid place to peek into the country life and learn about her crafts, adorable farm animals, and divine recipes. Keep reading to learn more about a recipe her kids and grandkids just can’t get enough of.


What’s your favorite non-traditional recipe to whip up during the holiday season?

My favorite non-traditional recipe is a wonderful Apple Pancake cooked in the oven in a large cast iron skillet!

Why is it your favorite?

There is something about it that says “home” and “comfort” and “family”.  And I love that.

How did you learn about this recipe?

This recipe was shared with me at my wedding shower over 35 years ago.  I still have the original recipe; written in cursive on lined notebook paper!

When was the first time you made this recipe?

I actually made this for the first time for Thanksgiving breakfast when I’d only been married 3 months.  We had traveled home to my parents and Mom had the job of the big Thanksgiving meal so I offered to cook breakfast.  Since I was young and not the greatest cook this seemed like a sure thing and it was!  My mother looked the recipe over and said, “Honey I think you’ll need to make two of these.  And I have two large cast iron skillets so be sure and do that”.  She knew every crumb would be eaten!

Do you make this dish each year?

I make it many times during the year; but more during the Holiday season.  Whether it’s for breakfast before a big Holiday meal, or for a midnight snack at the end of the big day.  It isn’t very sweet, so it seems a little bit like a dessert but not really!

What does this recipe entail (including ingredients, time, equipment, etc)?

Dori Troutman - Bosch Blogger InterviewThe ingredients are so simple:  milk, flour, eggs, butter, vanilla, nutmeg and salt for the pancake itself.  And apples and butter for the filling.  With a dust of powdered sugar of course!  

You could mix up this recipe with a whisk but I prefer to toss all the pancake ingredients in my Bosch blender attachment and give a good whirl!  It’s super smooth without any lumps that way.  You will need a large cast iron skillet for baking.  I know it could be baked in a glass 9 x 13 pan but I promise you that a cast iron skillet just give it the crispy crunch that it needs.

The time to prepare this recipe is just minutes.  While the pancake cooks then the apples are prepared.  Baking time is only about 30 minutes.  It really is a very easy, fast recipe.  

Do you have any specific accounts or fond memories tied to this recipe?

This recipe holds a lot of special memories for me.  Probably the ones that I love the most are making this for my children all their lives.  Hearing their little voices say, “Mommy would you make that puffy apple pancake thing”?  And now that my daughter is grown and has a family of her own she serves it frequently for her little family and I love that.  They live just down the hill from us on our farm and we have Sunday night supper together most weeks… when we are debating what to cook, often my little grand-girls will say, “Gram, could you cook that puffy apple pancake thing” and my heart just melts!  

Apple Pancake - Dori Troutman

Apple Pancake - Dori Troutman








Do you have holiday recipes that your kids absolutely adore? We’d love for you to share them below!

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