Bakers Rise Against Hunger

At Bosch Mixers, we believe that when you make a meal you are doing more than just putting food on your table. Feeding your family not only feeds your loved one’s bodies and minds, but it helps build better futures and stronger families.

Did you know 1 in 8 Americans struggle to put food on their tables every day? That means 41 million people go hungry every day. Unfortunately, food insecurity is something that exists in every state and every city in America. Together we can help. This month, we are taking the stand to “Rise Against Hunger”.

During the entire month of September, we have pledged to donate proceeds from every Bosch mixer and Nutrimill grain mill sold to food banks across the country.

Here’s how your purchases will make a difference:

Bosch Universal Plus: We will donate $20 = 200 meals
Nutrimill Classic: We will donate $15 = 150 meals
Nutrimill Harvest: We will donate $15 = 150 meals
Nutrimill Plus: We will donate $10 = 100 meals

If you’re not in the market for a new mixer or a grain mill today, you can still participate in “Bakers Rise Against Hunger”! Click here to donate any amount you would like. 100% of your donation will go towards feeding families in need. Every dollar you donate provides 10 meals for American families that deal with hunger every day.

You can also raise awareness about “Baker Rise Against Hunger” by using our hashtag: #raisingdough on your food selfies this month.

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