Thanksgiving Prep

A Bosch Mixer Makes Thanksgiving Prep A Breeze

Preparing a full Thanksgiving meal is definitely a labor of love. By using a Bosch mixer to help you this coming Thanksgiving, you can let go of some of the labor and keep all the love in the food you make.

Tackle Thanksgiving Breakfast With A Bosch Mixer

It can be easy to forget about breakfast when it seems like you have a million things to stir, peel, bake, and baste. But to stave off a hungry mob from invading your kitchen, breakfast prep is an essential step Thanksgiving morning.

With a Bosch Universal mixer, you can tackle all your breakfast preparations. Throw together a tasty quiche or a side of hashbrowns in no time when you use the Bosch Series Slicer Shredder attachment with your stand mixer.

Also, we know that when you’re making Thanksgiving breakfast, there is a lot of multitasking going on. So, while you are prepping the main feast, make sure you have the Bosch dough hook attachment to make sure that all your bread recipes mix up quickly and thoroughly, with no patches of dry ingredients leftover.

Some Bosch breakfast recipes you may want to include in your Thanksgiving breakfast are:

All these breakfast foods also make great snacks for those who need something small to tide them over until it’s time to feast.

A Bosch Mixer Takes The Work Out Of Making Sides

Whether you are baking, barbequing, or frying your Thanksgiving turkey, we all know there is so much more to a proper holiday feast. Using a Bosch stand mixer can do the heavy lifting when it comes making the delicious side everyone expects at Thanksgiving.

Armed with a set of Bosch Wire Whips attachment, you can process yams for a marshmallow yam side, whip up homemade dips for vegetable, make the family secret cranberry recipe, and make more mashed potatoes than anyone could possibly eat in one sitting.

If you are looking to add something different to your Thanksgiving table or have some guest with food-restrictions, try some of our recipes:

Create Tantalizing Desserts Using A Bosch Mixer

The crowning touch to any Thanksgiving festivities are the desserts. To create tempting desserts like cobblers, pies, cookies, and more without adding to your baking burdens, pick up the Bosch Baker’s Package attachment set. This pack includes a bowl scraper, metal whip driver, cookie paddles, and cake paddles, making your baking that much easier.

Add something new to your Thanksgiving dessert offering by using one of our delicious dessert recipes:

Aside from cooking the turkey, you can prepare pretty much everything in a Bosch stand mixer, cut down on preparation dishes, and make this Thanksgiving a breeze.

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