A Baker’s Guide to Making Small Batches in Your Bosch Mixer

What do you get with an 800-watt motor and a 6.5-quart bowl? A kitchen stand mixer capable of mixing:

10 lbs of mashed potatoes
34 dozen cookies
14 pounds of bread dough

There are countless benefits to using the Bosch stand mixer that range from baking to shredding meat to making your own nut butters. But while the numbers above are jaw-dropping, how often are we actually preparing 10 lbs of mashed potatoes?

Besides holidays and events where we’re preparing much larger quantities of food, our stand mixers are most commonly used for everyday meal preparation for much smaller groups of people.

A common problem found in many stand mixers is their ability to thoroughly mix small batches. How much of the batch is left out of the mixture as it sticks to the sides of the bowl, or remains dry and unincorporated beneath the reach of the mixing attachment? Does a stand mixer like the Bosch Universal Mixer come through as well for small batches as it does for large?

Small or Large, The Batch Size Doesn’t Matter.

This video demonstrates an impressive display of motor power and bowl size. But did you notice the part comparing two stand mixers whipping a single egg white?


One egg white is placed into the bowl and whipped for 80 seconds. While the competitor turns out zero results, the Bosch was able to whip this tiny batch of egg whites into peak forming perfection.

When comparing the Bosch stand mixer side-by-side with other popular stand mixers on the market, the difference is apparent straight away. First and foremost, home chefs love the bottom drive motor. Without having to stop the mixer, you can add ingredients to the bowl without any obstacles. This is a stand out feature for Bosch and a huge favorite for home chefs.

Because of the bottom drive motor, the drive shaft secures mixing paddles and whisks closer to the base of the bowl, allowing the mixing tools to grab any ingredients with the tendency to sink. As you pour your brownie batter into the pan for baking, you’re definitely not going to find dry ingredients at the bottom of your mixing bowl. The Bosch mixer does an unbeatable job of incorporating all ingredients that go into the mixing bowl, even if the batch size is small.

Bosch Has A Tool That Takes Care Of Any Possible Small Batch Problems

No matter what task you have at hand, Bosch has a tool for it. Cookies, cakes, bread dough, meats, and more can be prepared with the help of the Bosch Universal mixer and attachment options.

The Bosch Bowl Scraper

If you are ever worried your batch is too small for the Bosch mixing bowl, the bowl scraper attachment will solve any issues you might experience with another stand mixer. This attachment is placed onto the center drive shaft, coupled with your mixing tool (paddles, whips, dough hook, etc.) and with every turn of the mixer, scrapes the sides of the bowl and the center drive shaft, folding these ingredients back into the mixture as you go. You’ll never have to stop the mixer and scrape the bowl with your spatula. The bowl scraper attachment does this for you.

Whatever you might need for complete food prep in your kitchen, the Bosch Universal Mixer has a tool for your task. With dozens of attachments, you can pick and choose which tools are most valuable to you to add to your collection. Eliminate a number of standard kitchen appliances when you adopt the Bosch stand mixer – saving space, time, and money.

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