Baking the perfect crunchy, chewy or soft cookies isn't hard when you follow these tips for baking better cookies every time!

6 Easy Tips for Baking Better Cookies

It happens to the best of us. You follow the perfect Pinterest recipe to a T, yet you still end up with flat, hard or under baked cookies. Whether you’re a cookie aficionado or you simply have  a sweet tooth and some ingredients in your pantry, these six tips are sure to help you improve your cookie game and fix some common baking mistakes.

  1. Spoon flour into your measuring cup instead of scooping it directly with the cup. 
    Following this one simple tip will help you obtain more accurate measurements. While it may not seem like it, an extra tablespoon of flour can make a big difference when it comes to baking.
  2. Always soften your butter before creaming it with sugar in your Bosch mixer. Before making the cookie dough, set your butter on the counter for an hour to allow it to soften. If  you’re crunched for time, soften butter quickly by placing it in the microwave and microwaving it for a few seconds until it just barely begins to melt. 15-20 seconds is all you’ll need to achieve the perfect softened butter consistency.
  3. Be careful not to over mix your ingredients. As opposed to bread baking, you don’t want to over-develop  the gluten in the wheat, which can lead to rock-hard cookies. When a recipe specifically instructs you not to over mix, take certain care to only mix the dough until all of the ingredients have been incorporated.
  4. Chill the dough overnight. If your cookie dough feels overly greasy or sticky or your cookies flatten out into sad saucers during baking, chill your dough overnight to prevent over-spreading and to enhance the flavor! Let the dough sit out at room temperature for 10 minutes before you roll it  into balls and bake it into delicious cookies.
  5. Leave 2 inches between cookies. Don’t overcrowd the baking sheet with cookie dough. Place the cookie dough  approximately 2 inches apart on the baking sheet to allow for perfect spreading and even heating.
  6. Use a small cookie or ice cream scoop to create uniform-sized cookies. This will ensure that the cookies  all bake evenly and look beautiful! It also helps to rotate the cookie sheet 90 degrees halfway through baking. Some ovens have hot spots, so turning the sheet ensures that the heat is distributed equally.

When baking cookies, remember to always follow the recipe and apply these baking tips for making perfect cookies every time. See you in the kitchen!

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