5 Ways You Can Use Your Stand Mixer This Year

Each new year brings a plethora of possibilities in all aspects of our lives. Let’s take a step into the kitchen and look at the array of uses and benefits you can (and should!) be getting from your stand mixer, the Bosch Universal Plus mixer.

1. MIX

We’re only getting started when looking at the mixing abilities of the Bosch Universal Plus mixer. Whip eggs and heavy cream with the two wire whisk attachment. These whisks move independently of each other to create a third area of mixing with two wire whisks instead of a single over-the-bowl whisk on other popular mixers. Change out the whisks for the paddle attachment to efficiently and beautifully cream and blend the ingredients of your favorite cookie dough or batter recipes. Make another swap for the thick and sturdy dough hook and dough hook extender if needed. You can easily make 1 loaf of bread or get crazy and mix up enough dough for 14 1-lb loaves. The hook can also sufficiently mix ingredients for up to 34 dozen cookies!


The recently improved MX3 blender is a powerhouse addition to the Bosch Universal Plus mixer family of attachments. It is designed to mix, chop, blend, pulverize and puree. Buff enough for any job this blender attachment can crush ice, puree hot soups, make fresh nut butter and so much more. This most popular accessory for the Universal Plus mixer is also self-cleaning. Who doesn’t love that idea?


Make food prep a thousand times easier by using the Universal LS1 Slicer Shredder accessory on your Bosch Universal Plus mixer. With the utilization of three separate discs, this slicer/shredder processes foods as you feed them down the chute whether you want coarse or fine grated foods, thick or thin sliced foods or french fry cut foods. And have fun with it, you can slice, grate or shred a large amount into the 12 cup capacity mixing bowl mount.


What more is there to say? Here are the details: NutriMill has brought this once-popular accessory back especially designed for the Bosch Universal Mixer. Most ice cream makers require you to freeze the canister up to 12 hours before using. But the Bosch ice cream maker attachment just uses ice. You’ll have 1.5 quarts of delicious ice cream in your freezer in 20 minutes. This product sells out very quickly each year, especially as we approach the summer months! So order yours while you still can!


With the Food and Meat Grinder accessory for the Bosch mixer you can grind and mince meats, veggies, and pretty much any food. Attach the Universal Noodle Attachment to the meat grinder and you can create 11 different types of fresh pasta. Step up your noodle game with the pasta attachment for the Bosch Universal Plus mixer. Customize your pasta by adding different herbs and other tasty ingredients and have fresh pasta made at home. The set comes with a pasta roller, an adapter leg, fettuccine and angel hair cutter. Go even further with this versatile accessory and use it for making crackers, fondants, wonton wrappers and more.

The Bosch Universal Plus mixer reaches beyond the role of your average mixing machine. Additional attachments expand its capabilities from simple mixing to food processing, grinding, juicing, blending and more.


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