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5 Ways You Can Get Involved & Rise Against Hunger

As September is Hunger Action Month, Bosch Mixers has chosen to bring awareness to the acute hunger 41 million Americans are facing with our Bakers Rise Against Hunger campaign.

One way we are showing our dedication to the cause is by donating 200 meals to a nonprofit food bank every time someone purchases a Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer. Along with purchasing a mixer, there are five ways in which you can become involved and help fight hunger.

1. Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen

A direct way to bolster your community and help those who are struggling with hunger is to volunteer at a local soup kitchen.

While these organizations are usually inundated with volunteers during the winter holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, many of them struggle to find volunteers during the rest of the year. Giving just a couple of hours of time a week can really make a difference in your community.

2. Purchase A Bosch Stand Mixer Or Other Bosch Machines

As we mentioned above, during September every Bosch Universal Plus Mixer purchase will allow us to donate 200 meals to a nonprofit food bank. Other machines that are part of the Bosch Mixer donation commitment are:

  • Nurtimill Classic = 150 meals donated
  • Nutrimill Plus = 100 meals donated
  • Nurtimill Harvest = 150 meals donated
    • Also, if you want a particular Bosch Mixer bundle, these bundles also count toward our donation commitment.

      3. Advocate For Improved Legislation

      Becoming politically active isn’t just for people looking to run for office. There is legislation like the 2018 Farm Bill that can seriously affect who receives access to government-run food assistance programs. To become an advocate and influence legislation, you can:

    • Raise awareness on social media
    • Contact your state senator and representatives
    • Create petitions regarding local hunger relief
      • By doing this, you can remain involved with how the local and federal government assist your fellow hungry Americans.

        4. Pack Meals At A Food Bank

        There are many rural areas which are underserved when it comes to food availability. By packing meals at your local food bank, you are helping people access meals that they may have not had without your help.

        Also, if you do choose to pack meals at a food bank, many food banks are happy to welcome large groups for packing events. If you want to have a greater impact, gather up your friends, family, your faith community, and others in your network so you can all pack thousands of meals.

        5. Donate Directly To Rise Against Hunger

        Lastly, you can always choose to donate directly to organizations like Rise Against Hunger or your local food assistance programs. Whether you choose to make a food donation to a food bank or monetary contribution, every bit helps in the fight against hunger.

        As a company that focuses on bringing families together through excellent homemade food, Bosch Mixers is excited to do our part to end world hunger. So, if you are looking to work with companies who share your values, you can feel good about shopping with Bosch.

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