10 Must-Have Modern Baking Gadgets and Bosch Mixer Attachments

Once you’ve bought your Bosch mixer, it can feel like you’ve found the baking tool to end all other baking tools. While that is pretty true, there are Bosch attachments and other modern baking gadgets which you may want to add to your kitchen to work in concert with your Bosch mixer.

Silicone Baking Mats

If you want to bake more often but want to cut down on your clean up time, then you will want a silicone baking mat. Your baked goods from cookies, candies to veggies and more will come off clean and easy when you use a baking mat. Most of the time, you won’t even need to grease the mat, as the silicone keeps most baked goods from adhering.

Food And Meat Grinder For Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

The food and meat grinder attachment for the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer has the ability to grind up meats, vegetables, fruits, and cheeses. Make your own homemade sausages, meatloaves, vegetable soup bases and more when you use this handy Bosch Universal Plus Mixer attachment. Also, once you have this attachment, you can also purchae and use the pasta attachment, and berry press attachment.

Homemade Whipped Cream Maker

Impress your family and friends with fresh, homemade whipped cream on your baked goods when you have one of these cream whippers. It can be used to make fresh whipped cream, savory or sweet mousses, and emulsion sauces like mustard, hollandaise, mayonnaise and more.

Digital Food Scale

Some baked goods require precision amounts of ingredients to bake correctly. A digital food scale can give you a variety of measurements such as grams, kilograms, ounces, and pounds. Having a scale can also be a great way to accurately calculate your caloric intake as many servings specify weight when measuring out a serving size.

Bosch Compact Citrus Juicer

Add the compact citrus juicer to your Compact Bosch Mixer and never be without fresh citrus juice in the morning. With high sides and the juicer attachment to the Bosch motor, you can have freshly squeezed juice in under a minute. So stop messing with your hand citrus juicer and snag this attachment for your Compact Bosch Mixer.

Cupcake Corer

Tired of making basic cupcakes where the only place for innovation is what toppings you use? Then you are the perfect candidate for a cupcake corer! This handy tool will allow you to neatly remove the center core of a cupcake so you can fill it with a hidden surprise, whether that surprise is jams, chocolate, or whatever you can imagine!

Silicone Baking Gloves

Traditional oven mitts become scorched and many pot holders are too small, leaving a few fingers exposed to hot kitchen objects. A pair of silicone baking gloves will protect your entire hand and wrist while allowing you to have greater mobility than other pot holders allow. You will still feel the heat, but you will be much better protected.

Food Processor For Bosch Compact And Styline Mixers

Don’t buy a whole separate machine if you want a food processor! There are two different food processors offered by Bosch, a processor for the Universal Plus Mixer and a separate one for the Compact and Styline Mixers. There are three different blades depending on what kind of processing you are looking for and this processor has a 5 cup capacity.

Pastry Decorating Tips

Add your own special touch to all your frosted baked goods when you use your own pastry decorating tips. The various tips will help you make different designs, quickly ice cakes, and even make homemade churros with the right tip.

Bench Scraper

You won’t lose any of your dough to a sticky work surface when you use a bench scraper. This baking tool is blunt so you are less likely to damage your work surface but it can still scrap dough easily. It is also excellent for cutting through dough so you can portion it more easily.

While some people complain that baking is difficult, Bosch Mixer owners know differently. There are so many handy Bosch Mixer attachments and modern kitchen gadgets that the task of baking is now a breeze. Be sure to choose the right stand mixer for your baking needs and start baking up a storm!

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