​Light Dessert Breads For Every Occasion

A fresh loaf of bread is one of the most comforting baked goods you can make. They are right up there with grandma’s famous cookies in nostalgia value and just the smell alone can be enough to drive away the blues. A Bosch Mixer makes baking bread as easy as it is enjoyable, taking the labor out of mixing, rising and preparing the dough.

So, when you want something a little sweet to come out of your oven, we have found six delicious, light dessert breads for any occasion. Whether you are enjoying the loaf alone or sharing it with family and friends, these breads are perfect for almost any occasion.

Blend Up And Bake Fruit-Flavored Dessert Breads

Peach of a Bread – The perfect sweet bread for afternoon tea, Peach of a Bread is light but satisfying. It uses fresh, peeled peaches to give the bread its natural sweetness, which allows you to use less sugar if you prefer it, without losing out on the flavor. Adding chopped pecans give it a little extra substance and crunch.

Lemon Yogurt Loaf – This is an excellent choice if you want a bread that has adaptions to make it more healthy. For instance, they suggest switching vegetable oil for olive oil. They also have some ideas to change the flavor, like adding blueberries, lemon or poppy seeds. Also, the yogurt gives it an amazing moistness.

Fresh Mango Bread – Mangoes aren’t often used for breads in the West, but they are an excellent fruit for creating a truly unique baked good. The light brown sugar makes it less overwhelmingly sweet and gives it a hint of exotic flavor you won’t find with any other bread recipe.

Raspberry Oat Loaf – Tired of the usual consistency of bread and want something a little different? This loaf uses oats to give it a different flavor and texture, as well as makes it more nutritionally dense. The raspberries have just the right amount of sweetness and the coarseness of the seeds match perfectly with the oats.

Mix Up Breads With A Hint Of Sweetness And Savory

  • Sweet Blue Cornbread – Cornbread is a staple for any Southern household and one of the ultimate comfort foods. But it can be heavy and a little on the savory side for some. This version uses whole wheat flour and Greek yogurt to make it a bit lighter, plus plenty of sweeteners to give it a more dessert-like feel.
  • Nutty Carrot Bread – Love carrot cake but want something a little less dense? This bread takes away some of the heaviness and replaces it with a fluffier, airy dessert with a bit of cream cheese drizzle. The nuttiness gives it a real something special as well.

If you are ready and excited to whip up some of these fantastic dessert breads, make sure you have the right Bosch Mixer for your needs then start mixing up all these breads.

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